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How to make a facial oil

Facial Oil Formulation:

Here at Makers Ingredients we like to know what goes on our face. We also like to keep it simple & quick. Below is one of our favourite in-house recipes for nourishing the face either before bedtime or before putting on the face before work ;). This recipe is also using all of our own in-house ingredients sourced direct from origin.

Equipment needed:

  • Bottle
  • Spoon or stirrer.

Products needed:

  • Pick your scent. So what is your fave essential oil? Lemon, Rose, Lavender, Chamomile… There are so many and we change them up depending on the time of year and how we are feeling. Just take you pick! If you don’t want a scent, don’t use one! Some of the team prefer to leave the scent out. 
  • Want some extra Jazz? Our Jazz here is Vitamin E. Who doesn’t like that extra bit of Vitamin E in their life. We put a touch of this in pretty much all of our formulations, its 100% natural and carries super well whilst delivering that extra Vitamin E kick.

Lets Make!

We are going to talk in % as we don’t know how much you are making, so hopefully this keeps it simple depending on if you are making 50mil or 50kg!


  • Step one. Fill 65% of your bottle with the base oil.
  • Step two. Fill 25% of your *star” ingredient.
  • Step three. 8-10% Vitamin E is a generous amount. It is very much up to you but we like to make sure there is plenty as it is such a nutritious skin ingredient.
  • Step four. This is down to you and your judgement. Start with 3-4 pipette drops and judge from there how powerful you want the aroma to be.
  • Step five. Stir away for a few seconds.

 There you go! Remember to store your facial oil out of direct sunlight and away from direct heat, this preserves the formulation.

You feel younger already, right?

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