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Ingredient Stories - Manketti Seed Oil

Ingredient Stories - Manketti Seed Oil

Makers Ingredients Manketti Seed Oil range is solely produced by women’s co-operatives in Namibia & Botswana. The women’s co-ops are positioned in and around the Kavango & Zambezi rivers in Namibia & Botswana.

Communities gather to collect the Manketti nuts (also known as Mongongo). Predominantly led by women projects, the wild harvesting of the nuts provides reliable income to households during the harvest season. Although the nuts have long been utilised by the local people for centuries, it is a relatively new addition to our everyday personal care regime due to its applicable benefits to hair and skincare products.

The harvesting of the nuts happens around April/ May. The nuts grow on a tree common in the area and a single tree can harvest as many as 900 nuts.


Once the nuts are collected they are gathered in the villages where the mastery of cracking the nuts begins! The difficult part of the process is the extraction of the seeds from the nuts. It is an incredibly labour-intensive process due to the sheer hardness of the nuts themselves. Using traditional methods, the nuts are chizzled out of their shells to obtain the seeds.


Once the seeds are extracted from the nuts, they are then cold pressed to extract the oil. The oil is then filtered to deliver a beautiful golden oil.


The project is one that supports both the people and the community, providing incomes to remote villages and especially an additional income for the local women. This is truly a product that promotes both social and environmental responsibility.




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