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How to make a moisturising Hand Oil

We're always on the go and needing to keep our hands refreshed, hydrated and feeling soft. Especially after all the hand washing, use of alcohol and other products to combat the spread of the coronavirus (COVID 19)

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How to make a Body Butter

I am thrilled to share this recipe with you all and to help those suffering with Eczema or Psoriasis. This enables dry, itchy skin to start healing and feel smooth again, replenishing and protecting your skin.  This Cocoa and Shea Body Butter is the one for you… Continue reading

How to make a natural Hair Oil

We all want the secrets of hair growth and here at Makers we can share with you by using our Bay Leaf inspired formulation this not only gives you that warm aroma but stimulates the blood circulation in order for your hair follicles to grow quicker… Continue reading

How to make an After Sun Lotion

As Brits we are renowned for not knowing when to stop sunbathing so praise the cosmetic industry for having fantastic aftersun formulations. Here at Makers we know how to rehydrate your skin. With this simple easy to follow recipe… Continue reading

How to make a massage oil

A natural and simple massage oil formulation - great to use after your long week at work, a tough day with the kids, or out on the sports field, it's sure to leave you feeling refreshed and clear minded. Continue reading

How to make a body oil

With summer just around the corner here at Makers Ingredients we wanted to give you a Body Toning formulation that makes your skin feel energised and ready for the summer sun. Continue reading

How to make a facial oil

A facial oil is one of our favourite in-house recipes for nourishing the face either before bedtime or before putting on the face before work. This recipe is also using all of our own in-house ingredients sourced direct from origin. Continue reading