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Fragrance Oils


 We are so excited to share our new and exclusive fragrances with you, our range of fragrance oils is called 'Makers Moments'

Why? Well, our brief to introduce fragrances was clear - unique aromas, high quality, blends that will define our makers, your products and create unique 'moments', bringing back memories, points in time, a dose of relaxation... all moments we look for.

Our 'Makers Moments' fragrances are exclusively designed and formulated for us giving you innovation and quality you simply will not find elsewhere.

Our fragrances have been developed by perfumers with extensive experience working with some of the world leading fragrance houses. Every note has been analysed and debated giving our team the confidence our makers candles, diffusers, room sprays, soaps, cosmetics will stand out from the rest.

We're currently developing a further 20 fragrances that we look forward to introducing on a monthly basis as we continue to invest in developing this exclusive range.

For now, we hope you have fun creating some great products with "Makers Moments"