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Take a look through some of the most frequently asked questions from our customers. We answer questions on natural oils, carrier oils, essential oils, natural butters, fragrances, waxes, soap bases along with shipping and packaging information.

You should be able to find all your information right here!

We sell a range of natural ingredients. Cold pressed Carrier oils, fixed oils, essential oils, candle making supplies, waxes, natural butters, exfoliants, along with oil infusions and waters. 

We are adding more and more natural ingredients for making cosmetic and skincare products every week so be sure to keep an eye on our website.

Wherever you are! We'll ship almost worldwide, across the UK, USA, Canada along with Europe. We're adding more and more zones to our shipping so if you can't shop with us, drop us a line and we'll take a look for you!

We are experiencing extremely high demand which is proving tricky to manage across our workforce while adhering to the government Covid-19 restrictions. Please therefore note that your delivery may take longer than usual. 

We offer FREE SHIPPING on UK orders over £150!

Our global shipping partner is UPS, and tracking will be supplied as a link with your order confirmation email.

We're so glad you asked! As one of the leading bulk importers of natural oils and ingredients we have hundreds of technical specifications and documents to support your formulation team with all the data they need to formulate with confidence. Visit this link to get your technical documents:

If you placed an order - thank you, we really appreciate it. We are currently experiencing a high volume of orders, and working with a reduced team and additional measures due to government restrictions. As such, orders are taking a little longer to dispatch (2-3 days)

Tracking details will be supplied with your email order confirmation!

This is very much dependant on the product you are using. Each category has a different expiry date. The categories with the lower shelf life is due to their natural state which is great for inherent benefits but it also is a less stable product so the shelf life is shorter (Cold Pressed Oils being an example).


Cold Pressed Carrier Oil: 24 months

Refined Carrier Oils: 36 months

Infused Oils: 24 months

Essential Oils: 24-36 months

Butters: 36 months

Waxes: 36 months

Exfoliants: 48 months

We do! Our team have vast experience in sourcing the very best oils and ingredients from suppliers around the world. This is supported by the level of technical documentation and supply chain certification we can offer our customers.

There is a clear difference between the 2 categories so be sure not to get confused.


Carrier/ Base Oils - these can be considered as Refined Oils, Cold Pressed Oils, Virgin, Unrefined Oils.


A Carrier oil is a ‘Fixed’ product that is expressed (pressed) from a seed/nut/fruit then kept in its virgin state or alternatively refined. A carrier oil is either used on its own or applied to a formulation, mainly to ‘carry’ other ingredients such as essential oils. Carrier oils carry a wide range of skin nutrition benefits but predominantly they hold emollient and moisturising properties. The decision between whether you take a Cold Pressed or Refined oil depends on what you are looking to achieve in your final application. Those that wish to savour a carrier oils natural inherent benefits and aroma choose a cold pressed (virgin) version. Those that choose refined are looking for an oil that has no aroma however acts as a perfect emollient to carry the rest of the formulations ingredients.


Essential Oils - An essential oil is a concentrated liquid containing the essence/aroma of a plant usually obtained via water or steam distillation. Essential oils are predominantly used to provide the distinguished aroma of your final product. They are used either on their own for maximum potency or diluted into a Carrier Oil to control the aroma strength.

It is your responsibility to review the extensive technical information provided on the product profile page to make sure you are happy with the products you are purchasing. It is important to realise - natural ingredients can mean variation in colour, aroma & viscosity - this all must be considered at the time of purchase. Much of this is down to the manufacturing methods used. Cold Pressing is a totally natural process and no further processing has been done to stabilise the ingredient. It is a fantastic (100% natural process), however consistency in colour, aroma & viscosity can be challenging when it comes to Cold Pressed products. Refined, Hydrogenated and Steam distilled products are different - they are consistent in colour, aroma & viscosity due to the stabilising processes their manufacturing processes involve.

Note: It is the buyer’s responsibility to review the ingredients list carefully to avoid any potential allergies/sensitivities before purchase.

None of our products are tested on animals. We have provided statements to ascertain this on each product page, if they are not present please request them. We take this very seriously and do not tolerate any animal testing. It is important to mention – our products are great for Animal Care! We sell a lot of our items to clients that wish to use our natural ingredients to enhance or maintain the coat, mane, paws, ears of their pet!

Yes, 100%. Our Palm Oil is RSPO (round table for sustainable Palm Oil) certified. No ecosystems or communities are affected in the production of any of our products, including our RSPO sustainable Palm oil.

Yes, If you are interested in large bulk orders of our natural ingredients and speciality oils please do contact us and we will happily quote you specifically for the volumes of interest, we can supply 200kg drums, 950kg IBCs & pallet load bulk deliveries, use our contact form to make a request.