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Who we are

We all just want to make. Welcome to Makers Ingredients!

We, the founders of Makers Ingredients, have produced and supplied natural oil ingredients to global cosmetic brands for over a decade. Throughout our journey we have seen first-hand the successful impact our products have had on now globally recognised brands; some of these started on their kitchen table, making, mixing and creating just like you.

Everything you need to take control of your natural cosmetic journey is right here. Happy Making!

We are with you, every step of the way

our ingredients enable you to grow and expand your business and focus on what's important

Everyone has to start to start somewhere. Trust us, we know the feeling. Producing oils, beautifully, is no easy feat especially in the early days of any new development with high, often unrealistic, minimum order quantity expectations for our seeds. We do not want you to feel that pain so here at Makers Ingredients we have decided to give you direct access to our origins, delivering ingredients straight from our seed press, the Amazonian jungle or from the Ghanaian women’s co-operative, not to mention from so many wonderful botanical crops across the world.

Need to know the technical detail? We have that covered too

over 250 technical documents to support our drive for innovation and global sourcing

Our passion for all things natural ingredients goes to the core and hopefully you will agree that our technical documents demonstrate that. There is as much or as little detail as you need – you decide what you want all at the click of a button.

Makers Meets - join our community

share and gain inspiration on natural formulations right here together

It is our objective to regularly share with you, our community of fellow Makers, an insight into the current and future ingredient trends for personal care products. We all want to share and gain inspiration on natural formulations and where better than right here, together. We are excited about our journey with Makers, but just as excited about watching your amazing journeys and hearing about your success stories with our very special natural ingredients.